Time Tracking Tool with KM and Stream Deck

Hi guys,

I just wanted to let those of you who are not using Stream Deck know how seriously amazing it can get in tandem with KM.

I needed a timer for tracking work that I do for various clients. I couldn't find anything for Stream Deck that would work for me (and my GF), and since I don't program and couldn't create a plugin, I decided to make one with Keyboard Maestro.

It's rather simple. You press the start/stop button and it just starts counting (doh). I also have a button that switches between multiple clients and also changes the timer so that I can pause the timer for one client, swap, and start (or resume) another timer for different client. And then there is a button that shows current earnings for the time spent for each of the clients.

It works like a charm (after I ironed out all the kinks) and makes me wonder what other amazing things can be built with the Stream Deck plugin that KM offers. What cool stuff with direct feedback on the Stream Deck have you guys built?

One last thing… if anyone knows how to make the timer absolutely precise, I am all ears. For the counter itself I am basically using a loop that is adding 1 (second) to the counter and then waits a certain amount of time. I had to manually adjust the time so that the whole loop takes roughly a second, but I would obviously prefer something that is absolutely precise. Thanks!

Screenshot 2023-04-20 at 17.17.10


Note the start time using the SECONDS function, which is the fractional seconds since the system started. Save it in a variable, eg “Start Time”.

Then display the time based on the calculation “Start Time - SECONDS()”.

Hi, Anaxis

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Would you mind posting your macro(s) - as per this guide - so that we can see how you did it?

Out of interest, which alternatives did you consider? I'm just curious what didn't work for you in other solutions, as I keep meaning to set up time tracking but ... haven't made time for it yet :joy:

In case it helps, are you aware of the Mac Power Users and Automators podcasts/forums, as time tracking comes up there frequently...?


Hi Steve,

Here it is. It's a mess though! Again, I don't have any skills so it's kinda just patched together. I also ran into some problems with clipboards as I am using KM on 2 PCs. In the end I gave up and so there is a "#06" clipboard instead of "00" used for zero.

Counter Macros (v10.2)

Counter Macros.kmmacros (583 KB)

Keyboard Maestro Export

I wanted to use Toggl, but it worked like half the time and it was just annoying.

Thanks for the links, I will have a look at it!