Timed Macro Stopped Launching

Hey everyone,

After running for many months, I'm having an issue with a timed macro not launching. It's a simple macro that calls a one line shell script to connect to VPN that is supposed to run at 1 AM every night. I set it up in June of 2019 and has been running reliably until recently.

The last time the macro fired was 2021-11-09 and I see this entry in the engine logs 2021-11-09 01:00:00 Execute macro “my macro” from trigger At 1:00 AM every day. The entry for 11-08 was the same, but the day before it was 2021-11-07 01:00:00 Execute macro “my macro” from trigger At 12:00 AM every day. The wrong time in the log entry started on 11-03 and I just now realized it corresponds to installing v 10.0.

After 11-09, there are no entries in the log until I began my troubleshooting. I find that if I'm actively working on my Mac, the macro will fire. I've also gotten it to fire a few times when I'm testing, but the longer my display sleeps the less chance it works. (I have my Mac set to put the display to sleep, but the Mac itself never sleeps.) I also tried using a Cron trigger, but it exhibits the same behavior - works fine when actively using the Mac or after a short time of display sleep.

The weird thing is that I have another macro that runs 5 minutes later at 1:05AM and it still runs fine. Any ideas?


Hey @KGB,

What is this macro doing?

Anything UI related?



Been running fine for over 2 years.

Okay. Post the macro here or something similar that exhibits the same problem, so Peter has something to test.


Thanks, Chris. Peter responded to a bug report and I'm working with him there. I'll post the results of that once we're done.

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After working with Peter, he determined that the issue was most likely due to the recent Daylight Saving change. After disabling and reenabling the actions of the macro during testing, the macro started working again and is currently running fine.

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