TIP: Cancelling macro's if Semaphore is locked

A frequently occuring issue (and I have seen the question several times before) is not only preventing multiple instances of a macro running (for which "Semaphore Lock" is the solution), but people ask how to cancel other instances of the same macro, so they don't have to deal with catch-up macros...

A new cancel action of "Cancel all instances of this macro" could help, but there is actually already a way to do this built in!

On the "Semaphore Lock" set the timeout down from 1h to 50 hundreths (or even less, if you are comfortable with that) and UNset "Notify after timeout".

Then set "Timeout Aborts Timeout..." and UNset "Notify on Timeout"

PS: I know some of you will be like "Well D'uh!", but it's not that obvious to newbies... :wink: