TIP: How to Use KM Actions to Process Data-Driven Logic in a Loop

Continuing the discussion from Looping after collecting info? Moving on past loop?:

Many common workflows require that you get some data which contains multiple items (like multiple lines in a file) to process, but the processing needs to vary based on the actual data.

Here Are the Key KM Actions You Can Use to Process the Data

  • Use a few Actions (maybe only one) to get the data to process
  • Looping Actions -- Use one of the KM Looping Actions to process
  • Flow-Control Actions -- If the processing needs to vary based on the data then you can use:
    • If Then Else action if you have only two choices
    • Switch/Case Action if you have multiple cases based on the data
    • My favorite is Switch/Case, which I often use.
    • You can use these flow-control Actions both within the Looping Actions, and/or to contain the Looping Actions depending on your needs.

I have many such Macros, and I'll look for a good example and post it soon.
If you have a good example, please post/upload your script/macro.

Or, if you have general questions, feel free to post those. If you need help with a specific problem, please post it as a new topic.