TIP: Identify & Search for Macros with Author and for Follow-Up

###TIP: Identify & Search for Macros with Author and for Follow-Up

####Finding Macros Marked for Follow-up
Often I need to identify/mark a Macro for follow-up action later (for changes or review).
So, I just add this to the Name of the Macro: “@FU

Now invoke a KM global search using F and enter
"n:@FU" (without the quotes)
to quickly find and list these macros.

BTW, using the keyboard shortcut for Global Macro Search, automatically selects the “All Macros” Smart Group, and puts the cursor in the Search box.

####Finding Macros by a Specific Author
Similarly, when I download a Macro written by someone else, I Iike to clearly identify it by that author. So, I add this to the Macro Name:
where <ForumName> is the author’s name in this forum, like:

So now I can quickly find all of the Macros written by Chris with this KM Global Search:

BTW, the “n:” qualifier in the KM Global Search means that the characters that follow it are in the Macro Name. For other Search Qualifiers, see Search Strings in the KM Wiki.

Hope you find these tips helpful.

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