TIP: Resolve Prompt List appearing on bottom left of screen instead of center

Affected version: KM9 and below.

This is a workaround for Prompt List issue where is shown in wrong position at point of trigger.

The prompt list will display at bottom-left of screen when trigger at the point when the mouse pointer is on the right side or bottom side of the screen.
To resolve this, can just move one pixel away of mouse position from the side prior to showing the prompt list and the list will show in center as normal.

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Thanks for the heads-up and workaround, but this is clearly a bug.

@peternlewis, please fix this bug with the "Prompt with List" Action:

My mouse was on the max right side of Screen 2, and the Prompt is displayed partially in the bottom left corner of Screen 1:

Yes, it is on my todo list.

Basically for any case where Keyboard Maestro uses the current mouse screen, if the mouse is on the very right or bottom edge, then it appears off all screens and so Keyboard Maestro uses the wrong location.

This has nothing to do with the Prompt With List action per se, it is just a bug in how Keyboard Maestro maps the current mouse location to a screen.