TIP: Searching for Macros to Run or Edit

I thought I'd post what I have learned about efficiently searching for Macros, and hope to see tips from others as well.

I want to start with a great idea from @ccstone (Chris Stone):

Using Text Tags

I have been testing the KM Trigger by Name macro, and the KM Editor Search tool, and have found that both work really well with text tags ("@TagNme").

Previously, I often put a keyword in square brackets [keyword] in the Macro name to make it easy to identify and find. But I just learned that add the "@" symbol makes it even better.

Search using Trigger Macro By Name

For example, with the Finder app frontmost, I triggered the KM "Trigger by Name" macro:

Note the following:

  • All hits have "@date" either in the Macro name, or in an Action
  • The macros with "@date" in the Name are listed first
  • NO false positives

KM Editor Search

Press F to auto-select "All Macros" and put the cursor in the Search Box of the KM Editor app.
When I enter "@date", I get a similar result:

Finding Macros/Scripts by an Author

After I started using Chris' text tags, I begin using this "tag" to identify the author of a macro or script, by putting this in the "header" comments of the macro or script:


Now, in the KM Editor app, when I search for author.@ccstone I quickly find all of his macros and scripts:

Most of these are Chris' macros, but some just contain scripts written by him.

For example:

Previously I had been (inconsistently) using a variety of means to identify the author of a macro: (1) Put the author's name in the Macro name; (2) Put the macro in a Group named "From Others"; (3) Put the author's name in a Comment in the Macro.

Now, I just put author.@AuthorsForumName in the Macro header comment (which I call "ReleaseNotes").

I have been using text tags for months now, but just started using them in the Macro Name. So far, so good.

I hope you find this helpful, and will reply with your tips for macro searching.


I forgot to include the use of text tags with the great macro by @DanThomas, the Macro Master:

Execute or Edit Macro By Name

MACRO: Execute Macro by Name (Spotlight)

My "@date" tag works great here too.
Even better, as it include ONLY matches in the Macro Name.