Tip: Use special characters to organize

Maybe this is too obvious, but it’s something I find very helpful. I have a lot of macro groups, including, of course one, for each of the many applications I use. I like to organize my groups so the following categories each appear together:

  • several groups with text and clipboard manipulations
  • groups for system manipulations (mouse, windows, system preferences, etc.),
  • application-specific groups
  • miscellaneous all-application macros (for search, web actions, etc.)
  • testing, experimentation, looking at imported macros, etc.
  • some groups for context-dependent keystroke activation of applications (I’m an old keystroke junky and generally switch applications with a specific multi-modifier keystroke.)
  • and a few idiosyncratic categories that I’m not mentioning

The way I do this is to prefix the name of each group with a special character and a space… By choosing the characters appropriately you can order the categories as you wish. Some of the special characters I use are: § • ∫ □ ▬ ➟. Lately I’ve been getting bored with these (and some are too plebeian) and wanting them to be more dramatic, so I’m switching to characters such as :black_medium_small_square: and :arrow_forward:.

I grab these from my PopChar Favorites, but they are also available from the system Character Viewer.