To show current network location in menu bar

I am a newbie of KM and have multiple network locations. I want to show the CURRENT network location name in menu bar. I tried using while or If Then Else with Repeat. But I guess it is not a proper way of doing it because it has to repeat itself all the time. I wonder if someone can suggest a way to do it.

Maybe something like this?

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@Jim It worked great. I have a related question. There is an option Update every minute. If I reduce frequency of update, say every second, does it mean that my battery runs out faster?

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One way is to check the CPU usage of KM Engine at Activity Monitor app.

With 1 sec, it is 0.6%, with 5sec or more delay it is 0.2 % CPU usage. Although the difference look small, it is still cpu processing. So it is up to you to decide whether it worth to keep at 1sec, though this small number could add it...

In a word? Yes. How much is another question altogether, and this would be heavily dependent upon what macro you were running.

I wouldn't think there'd be any need to update your Network Location more often than 5 second intervals.


As @macdevign_mac suggests, the best way to figure this out is to test.


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Thank you for all suggestions/comments which help me understand how things work.

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