Today's date in named clipboard


I am using named clipboard to enter today’s date and don’t want to change it every day manually , is there a way to change the date in named clipboard automatically?

Thanks in advance

The date should be in format 10-25-2017

I guess i haave done it, but how to change it's format to 10-25-2017 ?

You can add a Search and Replace action in between your Set Variable and Insert Text by Pasting actions that replaces / with -:

Thank you, it works great.
The only problem is it shortens the year 17 instead of 2017, how to fix it?

It turns out there’s actually a much simpler way to insert dates in any format you like. You can just use this in your Insert Text by Pasting action:


And it will give you exactly what you want, today’s date formatted like 10-25-2017. I should have known there would be a more efficient way to do this :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s where I found that solution, if you’re curious:


That’s what i have been looking for :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

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