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I’ve looked through the form but couldn’t locate any relevant information. In the text edit, there’s a manual option titled ‘Start Dictation’ within the edit menu. When I select this, the dictation begins and the menu item switches to ‘Stop Dictation’.

My goal is to design a macro that initiates the ‘Start Dictation’ and then, upon pressing the same shortcut, it activates the ‘Stop Dictation’.


The Select Menu item's Help page (via the Gear icon > Help menu item) reveals that you can match multiple changing menu items in one command:

The Select Menu action allow you to specify multiple options separated by a vertical bar (eg Show|Hide) to allow for toggling or varying menus.

So something like this should work:

With that said, when I was playing around with this, I couldn't quite figure out the logic of the menu: Sometimes it says Stop Dictation, sometimes it says Cancel Dictation. I also couldn't make it work even somewhat reliably without the pause.

But TextEdit has its own toggle shortcut already—Fn D looks like it should do what you want?


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You can also regex in that box by starting with a ^:


It took me five minutes to realize that you can't access these menu items if you have "Ask Siri" or "Voice Control" enabled on your Mac. You have to disable these two things before this will work. Also, even after doing this, I found I had to restart the TextEdit app before the menu items would appear.

There is at least one other way to solve this problem. It is called Voice Control. But for the life of me I can't get it working today. Rather than pressing a key to enable dictation, you speak the word "type." Anything you say after the word "type" gets inserted as text in the current app.

Thanks! I ended up having KM trigger dictation by adding a shortcut to dictation in MacOs preferences. It's already set to toggle. Silly me.