Toggle Actions by Shortcut?

Hi , is there a command for switch between actions by shortcut (or stream deck button) ?
Depending on Display Configuration I want to switch between different "click zones"


What's the goal beyond this? I just ask in case it's an XY Problem.

I use the Macro to Open Plugins in Logic Audio. Since I change Monitors at home or in the studio I Need to tell the other macros where to click. The one or the other Position . Is that xy ?

Have you seen Plugin Drill near the top of THIS post?

Also, in case you haven't already tried it, I can heartily recommend PlugSearch.

@noisneil has you covered for Logic.

In more general terms -- you need to find something different between the two situations, test for that, then take the appropriate action. So you could test for the number of screens if you don't have an external at home (and assuming you leave your MacBook open at work), you could check the screen resolution, or even your Mac's IP address if the networks are different.

Difficult to recommend anything without more details of your setups, but here's an example for if you might be using either your laptop alone or closed with an external display:



Another option along the lines of what Nige_S suggested is to check the Mac name (what's shown in System Preferences/Settings > Sharing for the Computer Name). I have some things I do differently between Macs and use the If/Then/Else action so if KM registers Mac 1, do this, otherwise do that.


Hi noisneil -
I heard that plugsearch is still quite buggy. Other experience ?

Rinus has been testing new features and fixing bugs for the past couple of years and it's now pretty much rock solid. Try the demo and see if you like it :+1:t3: