Toggle Backblaze On and Off

I need a macro that will toggle Backblaze on and off. The macro I used previously doesn't work. Backblaze changed the interface. Thanks.

This used to work from Terminal. However, it won't work with BackBlaze 8.5 and macOS Ventura.

/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit -pausebackup

This also used to work, but it only works if the BackBlaze menu bar icon is showing. If it's hidden behind the MacBook Pro MX notch or in the hidden menu bar of Bartender, it won't work.

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks.

Have you tried stopping/starting the LaunchDaemon instead, with:

sudo launchctl stop com.backblaze.bzbmenu


sudo launchctl start com.backblaze.bzbmenu


If they work in the Terminal you can make the appropriate sudoers edits so that KM can use them in an "Execute Shell Script" action without a password -- nice instructions here.

Unfortunately, those don't seem to work. However, this shell script does work (contrary to what I said above). It pauses Backblaze for two hours:

/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit -pausebackup

This is supposed to resume backups, but doesn't appear to work in BackBlaze 8.5.

/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit -completesync

Thanks for your help.


/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit -h

/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit -help

/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit --help

See if you can get a list of the available commands.

Complain loudly to Backblaze that their software isn't working properly...

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This worked.

/Library/Backblaze.bzpkg/bztransmit -h

-pausebackup and -completesync are still listed as commands. The first one works; the second doesn’t. I have reported this to BackBlaze.

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