Toggle Caps Lock After Set Time Period

Hi guys,

Hoping someone smarter than me can help.

Sometimes I'll finish typing something with Caps Lock enabled and then forget to disable it before I start typing again.

My question - is it possible to create a macro to monitor when Caps Lock is enabled so that after a period of typing inactivity (say 5 or 10 minutes) it automatically disables Caps Lock (i.e. reset Caps Lock to OFF state)?

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People have tried toggling Caps Lock with AppleScript with various levels of success. It doesn't seem that dependable to me.

Perhaps these command line tools might be of interest.

I have no idea.... but there is this free app (shifted) with that double tap on the normal shift button turns caps lock on/off. The cap lock LED indicator works so you can tell the status. So if there is a way to tell KM, double tap on the shift key after 5 minutes, if the status is .... :man_shrugging:

Ah, sorry the app was free, but not anymore.

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