Toggle Enable Macro / Toggle Enable Action

Hi -

I’ve used a Macro in KM 7 to toggle enable / disable macros and actions (it was under View, Toggle Enable if I remember correctly).

I noticed, that this now (v8) became:

  • Enable Macro
  • Disable Macro
  • Enable Action
  • Disable Macro

Before I could do all four of these with one single Macro, I’m slightly hesitant to program four different shortcuts to do the same as before. Is there a reason why this was split up and is there an easy way to achieve the previous result (toggle enable / disable of a macro OR action with just one shortcut) ?


I believe this macro by @gglick should do the job for you:


Amazing! Didn’t find the post when I was searching. Thanks so much

@gglick well done, what an elegant solution !