Toggle (Hide/Show) Desktop Icons

This morning I wrote a Toggle (hide/show) Desktop Icons macro. It's mostly an AS with KM actions supporting it. The macro below. . ..I hope someone makes use of it.



Toggle_DT_Icons.kmmacros (5.6 KB)


I created two Apple Automator applications and then hooked them up to BTT triggers to do the same thing. I might try this Macro though.

I think all of your pauses are unnecessary, and it creates an impression of a slow, or hesitant macro. The two AppleScripts can be combined into one.

What's the purpose of activating Finder then closing its windows, then activating KM, bringing the front window to the front, and then hiding it ? It seems like a lot of wasted and distracting actions.

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" It seems like a lot of wasted and distracting actions."

The macro isn't locked behind a vault! Change it however. That particular version closes finder windows, hides apps and KM, whether your DT icons are 'visible' or 'hidden.' Other versions are variations around this theme. I have a few macros that hide and show everything including tenacious apps like Butler and Word, palettes, get info panels. They're even more complex. Suit yourself, my friend. That's why I put it out there...

I don't believe you need to activate KM and bring it frontwards before hiding it again. It should be possible to hide it even if it's sitting behind other applications.

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Suit yourself. Believe or don't believe whatever you want.

Maybe you could say that more like Clint would have: "Go ahead, State thy faith."

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Ha! will do, next time :smiley:

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With Sonoma, interactive with the Finder has some unwanted side effects. Here's a version that minimizes those interactions.
Finder Icons Hide-Show-Toggle.kmlibrary (11.0 KB)