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I want to set up a workflow which can start / stop audio recording with a hotkey and can set clipboard to the recorded file. Piezo doesn't support this out of the box so I created a macro for it.

I mainly used it to record short audio from Chrome and make language learning flash card.

Activate a Specific Application.kmactions (718 B)


Thanks @Jiaming_Zhang so much for posting this. I have always wished to have a way to know if Piezo is recording before I issue the ⌘R command, and you have shown me! Thanks!

Anyone got any ideas for how to flash a red indicator in the menu bar when Piezo is recording? So that I can run an app in my screen (eg keynote presenter screen) but have recording confidence indicator visible.

Thanks for this script! I was also looking for a way to replicate ShareX functionality to allow easy Anki card making on MacOS.

One issue I had with the script is that it failed to work every second time, because the script opens the settings menu but doesn't close it (maybe it closed automatically in older versions?). I fixed this by adding another CMD+I keystroke at the end of the script, as shown:

(Greetings other mpacker.) :slight_smile:

Those fine people (no sarcasm) at Rogue Amoeba really haven’t got the hang of automatability. Which is ironic, given Audio Hijack is all about automation. :slight_smile:

(My use case is with Audio Hijack and kicking recording off from the end of a long microphone / headphone cable pair.)

The question is how to approach them to persuade them to make both Audio Hijack and Piezo more automation friendly. I think it takes more than just me to do it.

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@MartinPacker for this we got a Keyboard Maestro as a present... so we are ahead of many a developer :wink:


System <88D7 201207T225045>.kmmacros (101,7 KB)

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Sorry for the late reply - I was looking back for posts about Audio Hijack.

So far, I've only used KM to open a particular AH session, and for sensing (using available menu options) which state it's in (no session, stopped, started, recording etc), and stopping/starting etc.

Odd that Rogue Amoeba only support AppleScript in AirFoil. But that page does say to get in touch if you have other requirements...

However, they mention in their latest blog post and their CEO Paul Kafasis said in episode 539 of Mac Power Users that they are considering supporting Shortcuts in future...

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