Toggle screen, resize and center window


I'm trying to make a macro that toggle the active window to other screen, change size (to fit in the new screen) and then move to the center of the new screen. Now I have the first part. All I need is move to the center of the new screen. I tried adding a new action "center" but it returns the window to the main screen.

How can I do this?

Thank you!

I use KM to position windows everywhere on my 3 screen configuration. However, I have run into issues and just ran out of time and patience. I basically hardcoded the positions into my positioning routines. I have 5 main positions, activated by Command-1 through Command-5. Command 1 is shown in the diagram, basically throws the front window into a full screen position on a vertically oriented monitor on the left side of my main monitor.

I really should revisit this again, but if you are in a hurry, and always using the same monitor arrangement, this approach would likely "brute-force" your window into it's desired position.

Why not just move it directly to the center:


Thank you.
Now that I see is very obvious.