Toggle Simple/Complex OmniFocus Presentations

Hi All,

Toggle Simple vs Complex Presentations.kmmacros (8.9 KB)

Long time Keyboard Maestro user, first time poster. I created a macro that is probably adaptable to most any program. It toggles the Sidebar, Toolbar, and Inspector and resizes the window all at once. The effect is like this:

It's not the smoothest macro since if you don't have all components open or closed, it stalls. But I use it all the time. Any suggestions on improvement are most welcome!

  • Kourosh

I did something similar, but added creating a new window and switching perspectives. The simple window is for my custom “Do” perspective; the complex window is for the “Projects” perspective.

New Do Window.kmmacros (5.5 KB)

New Projects Window.kmmacros (4.6 KB)

That works. I like it. This way you have an additional characteristic to each perspective.

I’m increasingly confident your solution is better. After using mine for a few weeks I really missed being able to use Show in Projects (Option-Command-R) normally from my custom “Do” perspective. I wasn’t willing to admit defeat, so I (ominous music) overrode Option-Command-R with this… thing… Show in New Projects Window

This is technically working right now, but I have no faith in it. You can see I have to do a window-switching two-step to hide the toolbar—I’m not sure what’s causing it to be shown, and as far as I can tell the behavior is nondeterministic. That’s a big red flag. I’m going to stick with the two window system for now out of inertia, but next time it breaks or I encounter a serious deficiency I intend to switch to the more straightforward solution you’re using.

Dear Alan-Kantz

Than you for your "New Do Window.kmmacros"and "Show New Project Window.kmmacros".

I would greatly appreciate your assistance or advice regarding some modification

for "Show New Project Window.kmmacros".

Thanks in advance.

How can I turn a status active Flag "Orange" color on?

After option+cmd+R, I can get such a new action, but status is orange outlined Flag.

I can not find a modification how to filled up orange Flag.

How can I write this statement just like a [Action] > [Change Flag color to Orange] ?

Anything you could do for me would be very much appreciated.

thx and regards, WAKAMATSU kunimitsu