Toggle Sound Settings on macOS Monterey


I'm new to KM and just know the basics. Right now I'm trying to create a macro to be able to quickly change my audio output in system pref in OSX. I currently figured out how to open the sound pane and click a button with a keystroke but not able to switch to a desired output.

Thanks for your help.

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Not sure if this works, but did a quick google search and found this using apple script

Thanks not a bad option. I was hoping for one that uses KM as the go to if possible.

I find it's really quick to choose sound output by just clicking on the sound icon in the menu bar (including custom outputs).


So what you do is put that script in an "Execute AppleScript" action in a KM macro -- best of both worlds. And even with the slight delay when executing an AppleScript you'll have a better -- and more robust -- solution than trying to manipulate the GUI via KM.

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Oh nice. I didn’t know you could do that. Thanks. I’ll try it out.

That is a quicker way the only issue is that the macro needs to work for 4 different computers. I’m not sure the mouse clicking will always be in the same exact location for each user. It might have to rely on keystrokes instead. I’ll experiment with your suggestion as well. Thanks.