Toggle the Finder Window Toolbar With a Modified Click on the Toolbar

This is simple, yet a new favorite.
toggle toolbar.kmmacros (3.7 KB)

If you're clutter-averse like me, you may find this useful. A modified click in the title bar of a window, will invoke the “show/hide” toolbar menu item. I use it system-wide, and find it helps in Finder, Mail, Notes, Numbers and others. In finder it also shows/hides the sidebar. It'll fail in apps whose show/hide toolbar command is not under their “View” menu.

I see it’s been discussed before, but I’d vote for having the option of a broader “mouse click” trigger. One can see that I have both trackpad and mouse triggers for this macro. (command-option click, actually). As a user, they occupy the same role to me. Take the example of other programming settings - you don’t program your webpage explicitly for trackpad click vs external-mouse clicks, you just have one “mousedown” event. One could have a more general trigger without sacrificing the specificity of the existing ones.
Perhaps the reason against has to do with the KM’s positioning/heritage as a macro & function key tool?

Careful when Cmd-clicking in window toolbars, you can accidentally move or delete an individual tool.
Look into this macro, & you may observe that it detects title bar clicks by corralling the mouse position to the top 50 pixels of a window’s frame. Nothing about triggering the action requires this - Finder could invoke the menu command just as well if you clicked off in some corner of the desktop. I just prefer the semantics of clicking on the thing I’m changing.


Very nice macro.

I've copied it and added the tab bar and the path bar to it - so it goes from full-fledged finder window to a bare window. This is my first upload - the macro might need translation but it's quite clear what it does.

Window Cleaning.kmmacros (32.7 KB)

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