Touch Bar Simulator Toggler & Positioner

So I came across a slick little app that can be installed via Homebrew:

(install: brew cask install caskroom/cask/touch-bar-simulator)

The singular problem I have with it is that it would be nice to be able to toggle it on and off under or near the cursor since the Touch Bar is just that: touch centric

Is there a way to leverage KM to do such a thing? I’m not really seeing my way around this right now for location manipulation. One downside is that the app, when launched, doesn’t seem to show up in the Dock. It’s kind of a set-it-and-forget-it app where your only real option is to turn it on and turn it off via starting and closing the app I believe…

Any thoughts?

So far I have the following workflow (kinda sluggish with the open and killing of the app) working for showing/hiding the app, but I'm not seeing a way to move the application window to be under the cursor:

Also, haven't found a way yet to actually hide it vs quit/kill the app...