Touch Portal plugin for Keyboard Maestro

I have been testing a new plugin just released for Touch Portal created by @spdermn02.
It works by creating a list of existing Keyboard Maestro macros that can be assigned to a simple button action in Touch Portal. You can add multiple button actions and assign a different macro to each one.
Pretty simple and slick. A great alternative to the more expensive Stream Deck that you assign unlimited actions and use for more complex actions.


  1. Create a button in Touch Portal (server)
  2. Assign the Keyboard Maestro Action
  3. Select the Keyboard Maestro macro from the list
  4. Save your changes
  5. Open Touch Portal on iOS device and connect to server
  6. You should see your new button and when you press it it will launch the assigned macro.
    Hope you can give it a try and give the developer your feedback.

Thank you so much!

But sorry to say: not any KM macro is coming up in the pull down menu of your plugin.
After plugin installation I restarted Touch Portal … no effect …
Am I doing something wrong?
Any help appreciated …

I'm having exactly the same issue.

Not sure if you really need a plugin to combine both keyboard maestro & touch portal,

the already developed a [ Virtual key presses ]
you simply can assign a keyboard hotkey trigger in [ KM ] then assign a button pressing the same shortcut in Touch-Portal

not sure if this solve the problem or not but you might need to check this form more details :

Hope this helps

Great, thanks for the plugin. Can i give Values and Variables back to Touch Portal?
I want to trigger KM Macros and give a Value back to Touch Portal. Thanks

you might have better luck getting responses by creating a new post

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Yes you are right, but i solved it in an other way. Thanks

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