Tough one: Limit Scrolling in just part of the screen

Where all other approaches fail, Keyboard Maestro typically comes through for me. But this seems like a tough problem and was wondering if anyone had some thoughts on it.

I use RStudio, a development environment for R. It is a pretty typically editor experience, with tabs near the top of the screen so that you can open multiple files.

A huge annoyance is that scrolling up and down when the mouse pointer is in the tab bar region will switch the tabs. Up moves you back a tab, down moves you to the next tab.

Trouble is, it's incredibly sensitive. Sometimes, deep in thought, I inadvertently scroll my Magic Mouse and I'm whisked away to some other tab, breaking my flow of concentration big time.

So my question is, might it be possible for this app, to turn off mouse scrolling but just in that region of the RStudio IDE? I'd prefer not to lose it to help me scroll through the editor window.

Thanks for any thoughts.

-- Robert

An alternative approach might be to have a KM macro save your "current" tabs and then another one to restore them if your mouse strays too far?

Thanks for the note, @jonathonl. I'll need to give that some thought. I'm not sure exactly how I would capture that information from the RStudio IDE.

-- Robert