Tracking KM Bugs and Fixes


Tracking KM Bugs and Fixes

Hey guys, as most of you know, KM has very few actual bugs. But when the rare bug does rear its ugly head, we need to know about it and get it fixed.

I think we now have a nice system here in the Forum to help all of us report and track KM bugs and fixes. This is separate from the outstanding internal system that Peter uses to track bugs.

KM Forum Searches

You may want to bookmark those links for ease of use later.

To make this work, we all need to follow this procedure:

  1. Post each issue/bug in a separate topic
  • Tag those topics with “km8” and “bug”
  • When your issue/bug is resolved, by either a KM Update, or an explanation by @peternlewis or others, check the “Solved” checkbox of the post that resolves your issue.

Often Peter will make a post that your issue will be fixed in the next update. So when the update is released, and you confirm the fix, then you can check the solved box.

If he does not, I will try to help Peter by posting a link to the update announcement in your topic, so that you can confirm.

Thanks for your help and cooperation in making this system work.