Trackpad/Mouse Gestures Movements Lag After Km Engine Runs for a Long Time

Howdy folks, I have an odd issue that has persisted now for many months (if not longer, can't remember when I first noticed it). Basically when KM Engine is running for a long time, my Trackpad (or Magic Mouse) gestures start to lag noticeably. It doesn’t appear to be BetterTouchTool since quitting/restarting it has no effect. But quitting/restarting the KM Engine makes the issue go away.

Has anybody else had this issue?

Attached are a couple of screenshots showing the laggy gestures.


Untitled 2


I have noticed this exact same thing.

Restarting the KM Engine cures it for me also, but it comes back at some later time. (Time varies).

Have not been able to figure out what/why it starts to slow down. I never have any macros, background or otherwise, running when this happens.

I'm running KM10.2 and Monterey OS.


I have no idea how Keyboard Maestro could do that even if it wanted to, so no, I have no clue as to what the issue might be or how to resolve it, or what it might be related to.

Oh I had forgotten about this post.

FWIW, I don’t see the issue anymore.