TradingView - How to create buy & sell orders with KeyboardMaestro?


I am new to KeyboardMaestro and a little bit lost within the endless possibilities ...

With a push of a button on my Stream Deck I want to be able to create a buy or sell order within TradingView.

I was able to create a trigger from Stream Deck key but I do not know what is the best possibility to create the action in KeyboardMaestro for the buy and sell order in TradingView?

Should I start to record a macro with mouse movements and keyboard inputs or is there a better solution?

Thank you very much for your help.

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I'm not sure anyone else here uses TradingView, but I would always first start with trying to run menu commands. If the thing you're trying to reach doesn't exist in the menus, then I'd try v11's addition to the Press a Button action that will scan the frontmost app for buttons.

If neither of those methods worked, then I'd probably save the window's current size, set it to a known size, and use offsets from the window's corner (middle, whatever) to find the targets for mouse movements and clicks.



Hello Rob,

Thank you very much for the advice!


Hey @FreedomCH !
I'm experimenting with KM & Streamdeck to configure some automations for TradingView, but so far, no luck.
Were you able to get the basics working?