Transfer macro to a macro group quickly from the keyboard

To follow up on this topic.

It would be amazing to also have a macro that if user was to highlight one or more macros like so :

It would open a prompt, similar to what @DanThomas did with spotlight search for macros.

Reason I want this, is I want to use 'test' macro as a quick way to prototype things. After that is done, I copy the macro and transfer it to the group I want quickly from the keyboard. I have a lot of macro groups :

And for me dragging macros to their respective group would take quite some time.

Speaking of it, it would also be really awesome to know, what your guy’s workflow is developing macros?

I think it would be quite interesting to know. I currently just use @DanThomas macro to go to the macro group I want, press cmd + n and just start working on the macro I need and it has been really really efficient and lovely.

On second thought, I don’t really need the spotlight ‘transfer macro’. No need to overcomplicate things. Will just keep all global macros in ‘global macro’ group.

Sorry about the post. Can’t delete it also for some reason. :confused:

My workflow is pretty simple:

I have a Macro Group named “[Test]”. Starting the name with a bracket [ sorts the group near the top.

  1. Most new macros start in the “[Test]” Group, and I also add a pseudo tag of “@TEST” at the end of the Macro name (this allows me to quickly identify it as a test macro, and also to quickly search for all test macros).
  2. Initially I do NOT assign any triggers. Instead I make use of @DanThomas’ very cool macro that uses F1 to trigger whatever macro is the current macro in the KM editor. See MACRO: Run Current Macro.
  3. After initial testing is complete, I move the macro (drag/drop) to the appropriate Macro Group, and do some final testing with the Group and actual trigger.
  4. When everything seems to work OK, I remove the “@TEST” tag.

BTW, I also have lots of Groups, and find drag/drop to move macros to work very fast. I really don’t think triggering another macro to move it, and doing all of the manual keyboard stuff to find and select the target group would be faster. In fact, I think it would be slower. But that’s just me. :wink:

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