Translocated iOS/iPadOS Apps Issue

I am trying to create a macro to be triggered by an application launch.

The application happens to be an iPadOS app running on my Apple Silicon laptop. I am noticing that all such apps are listed as Translocated by KM, and the macros using these apps as triggers do not work.

Is there a solution for this?

Thank you.

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I'm having the same problem. Has anyone found a solution?

Sorry, I spoke incorrectly: It worked the first time, but doesn't work now. Investigating...


OK, I figured out the solution: In the Triggered by box, you need to select the Match by Bundle ID option:


In my testing, if I select that option, my test macro runs every time, whether or not the Keyboard Maestro Editor is running or not.

Perhaps @peternlewis could detect translocated apps and automatically enable this setting?