Translocation issue with Scrivener

Hi there,

I have a macro which inserts a citation from Zotero into Scrivener. However, since updating to Scrivener 3, the macro does not work each day until I choose 'Scrivener (translocated)' under the list of possible applications (see below). Then it works fine until tomorrow.

I have tried following the guide on the 'translocation problem' at But when I click and drag either Scrivener or KM (I tried both) to another location (e.g. my desktop or downloads folder) it only creates an alias and doesn't move the actual app.

I am using MacOS High Sierra (10.13.6), KM (9.0.6) and Scrivener (3.1.5).

Thanks for your help!

Hi Aaron,

Did you try using the command key while moving the app?

Hi Reheer,

Thank you for your reply. I thought I had used the command key when moving the app but I must not have, as it has fixed the translocation issue now.

Thank you again.