Transparent Custom HTML Prompt with animated GIF has "ghosting'?

@peternlewis Here's a couple of macros to show and hide a transparent custom HTML prompt with an animated GIF. BTW, you can close the window by clicking on it, or running the "Stop" macro.

Running (23.4 KB)

It has this odd "ghosting" effect of outlining the first frame. I'd post an animated GIF of the effect, but I can't seem to capture it right, so here's a still:


Any idea why? Thanks.

My guess would be the system messing up the window shadow, or alternatively a problem with the gif.

I could not really get the gif in to any reasonable state where I could determine whether there was a problem with one of the frames of the gif or not.

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Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem, after being spurred on by your comment.

You said maybe it was something the system was doing with the shadow. So I got to wondering if maybe it only did this when the window was first first shown.

So I delayed the image a little at the start, and the ghosting went away. So, problem solved. Thanks for jump-starting the thought process!


Yesterday in another post I listed my three laws of fixing problems, and the third one was to explain the problem to a peer which will lead you to solving the problem yourself. This is an example of that law in action.


I couldn't agree more.