Transparent HTML Prompt?

How can I make the background of a custom HTML prompt transparent? Even better, how can I make the container vanish entirely so that only the content I assign to it is visible?

Setting "background-color: transparent" on the html or body element has no effect.


You can't make the background to a html document transparent. It's a limitation of KHTML. Looking at it the window chrome for html prompt, doesn't seem to be configurable. If you were ok with the just the top window controls you could do some faux transparency by setting the document background to a wallpaper/(screenshot w/ desktop icons) and calculating the window position and offsetting the background by that amount. I think that the best you're going to get.

Hmm, as a consolation prize take a look at √úBersicht - Display Widgets on Your Desktop. It can pop HTML on your screen with a transparent background with frequent updates.

Definitely worth exploring. Thanks for the tip.

Great minds, same channel, etc. Given that the prompt's location is configurable, I gave it an exact pixel copy of the applicable area of my desktop as a background image. The problem is that I routinely use five different spaces with five different desktop images.

mrpasini's suggestion has potential, though.