Trial version has disabled the f key on my mac

Trial version has disabled the f key on my mac...when I quit KM the functionality comes back.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this OR am I supposed to figure a way of functioning without an F key? LoL

Ive attached a screen grab of my MBP settings etc.

Really want to get this working so ANY help is appreciated.

If you mean the actual F key then select the "All Macros" smart group in KM Editor and use "Search" to see if you've assigned it as a macro hotkey:

Typing the F might be problematic, so copy'n'paste this: hotkey:f. Find the offending macro and disable it.

The list will include all the macros triggered with function keys, but if you're on the trial version there shouldn't be too many to sort through.

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Whoopsies! Welcome to KM mistake 101!

Next will be accidentally making your 'mouse button click' trigger your new macro.