Trigger a palette element by hovering over it?

Hello guys!

When you have a palette open, is there a way to trigger an element just by passing the mouse over it? Meaning, no mouse click, just passing over it?


I don't think so. You can click or use a shortcut. A "shortcut" can also be just a letter, without a modifier.

Thanks @Frankb! I am interested in those shortcuts, but I cannot find anything on the documentation.

I am imagining like opening the palette and assigning each macro a letter on the keyboard that can trigger each macro, but only when the palette is empty. I would be interested in typing "A" for example, after a palette has been shown.

Is that what you mean? Do you have any example about this or can you guide me to an example? Thanks!

Hi @David_Chavez. Check out this section of the Wiki: Conflict Palette

I find the quickest way to find information within the wiki, manual, or forum is to use Google. From there type: Keyboard Maestro keyword(s)

A conflict palette as suggested by @_jims can be a good solution and is quickly set up. However you can't select the trigger yourself.

Correction: In a limited way the trigger can also be selected in conflict palettes. For example by numbering the macros.


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Thanks guys! I thought that "shortcuts" was something new in KM, didn't know Conflict palette was being suggested. Thanks for the pointer, but seems that is not what I need, which is to select an item without a click and just by hovering. Thanks! :blush:

Hey, you could possibly trigger a macro once the conflict palette was enabled and:
First get the mouse location, wait x seconds, if the mouse location was the same then click.
Just a shot...

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