Trigger At Login does not work

During this discussion I realized the best workaround for my problem is to launch bach script at login. I had some problems with path variable but I fixed them and the script works if I launch with “Try”. However, it does not launch at login, which is the trigger defined for this macro.

Sounds like the group isn't active. Click on the group, and make sure it looks like this:

Group is active. Two other macros are running within this group.

Login triggered macros will run only if:

  • They are active when Keyboard Maestro Engine launches. Active means they are enabled, their parent macro group is enabled, and their parent macro group is active.
  • They have the Login trigger.
  • The Keyboard Maestro Engine is launched as a login item.

You can tell if the latter happens by looking in the Engine.log file (Help ➤ Open Logs Folder) and looking for the line:

Daemon launched by login window. Initiating login actions.