Trigger Control Shift 8 results in Control Shift A

I have a group of Macros that are specific to an application, and they've being working well for a while. One of them it triggered by Control Shift A (^:arrow_up:︎A) {it shows a user input box and then proceeds..}. Today I made a new macro {types the character :eight_spoked_asterisk:} and used the trigger Control Shift 8 (regular key 8, not number pad, I'm using MacBook Pro). However when I use the ^:arrow_up:︎8 sequence I get the macro that is triggered by ^:arrow_up:︎A. I have tried resetting the new macro to ^:arrow_up:︎A and now I get a conflict palette with the two macros listed as expected. I have tried resetting the new macro to ⌥:arrow_up:︎8 and it works as expected too. But now if I put the new macro back to ^:arrow_up:︎8 OR to ^:arrow_up:︎S it triggers the wrong macro. Any thoughts as to what I'm doing wrong?

Today I added a new macro and ran it from the palette, all fine. I then assigned it to Ctrl/Shift-M (I also tried Ctrl/Shift-N) and got the Control Shift A (^:arrow_up:︎A) macro. ie the same problem as above. I see a lot of folks read the post, but nobody seems to have this issue, and thoughts of what I might do (uninstall / reinstalll something perhaps?)... rebooting doesn't change it at all

I just saw your posts for the first time, but I suspect that the reason for the lack of replies is that your first post is hard to follow as it is presented. Perhaps you could repeat the question but break up the text a bit, for instance by listing the steps you took on separate lines?

Also, references to keystrokes twice in the form "Control Shift A (^:arrow_up:︎A)" are harder to read than, say, just "control-shift-A" or some other simple format of your choice.

In the meantime, check the following links if you haven't already done so. They are remarkably useful![]=get&s[]=help[]=get&s[]=help

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Thanks Kevin. Now that I try and read what I wrote, I get that it wasn't clear.

I did go through the troubleshooting links, but my issue wasn't there.... but you did lead me to a solution...

I deleted the offending macro and redid it ... and now it works. I presumably had some hidden mistake in the original that hopefully is gone for good



Good to hear! Well done on that second version.