Trigger first in macro group pallette?

Is there any way to have the trigger shown before the Macro in a Macro Group Palette? The way it is looks confusing at best if there are multiple columns. In this screenshot it looks like D is for Messages and M is for Yoink.

I agree, that would be must easier to read/understand.
I think it will take a change to KM. @peternlewis, can you please consider this a change request?

Noted. But probably not any time soon.

From the responses already provided it's clear there's no simple way, like a preference checkbox. But it can be done with a little work based on the capabilities in Keyboard Maestro. The trick is to number the macros within a macro group. This makes the numbering the basis for ordering rather than the alphabetization of macro names. If the macros in a group are named as follows, the shortcut would be shown first without changing the order of the macros presented:

01)G Affinity Designer
02)A App Store
04)B BBedit
05)Better Touch Tool
06)C Calculator

Apps Palette

You could use spaces or other characters if some semblance of alignment is important.

Apps 2

Great idea and that should work just fine. Thanks!