Trigger followed by 2nd/3rd/4th trigger option

Goal: To press a hotkey, then have the option to press a second hotkey to perform a macro.

Troy -

Not yet clear what you want to do.
Perhaps a question will help clarify.

Would a sequence of pallets work for this?
Hot key #1 brings up a pallet which contains trigger options: 2/3/4 ?

If so, I do that often.
I call it “cascading pallets”.
Examples if you wish, but first want to better understand your objective.

Hi Mark, that would ‘sort’ of do, but it’s not exactly what I’m looking for. In Quickeys parlance, they called it ‘sticky keys’ where trigger key #1, when pressed, would wait for a second ‘trigger’ key. Press Keypad 1, action one is performed. OR, Press Keypad 2, action two is performed. OR, etc etc.
I hope that clarifies

See the wiki FAQ:

How do I use a multiple keystroke trigger?