Trigger for CD insertion not operating

I would like to create a macro where when I insert a CD an application is launched.

I have set the trigger to This Volume with Name containing Audio CD is mounted.

When I insert the CD I can see in Finder / Path Finder that the CD is launched but the application is not launched / activated.

I have looked in the Keyboard Maestro forum and I cannot find another post which deals with this topic other than this one.

I would be grateful to know what is wrong or what else I need to do.On insertion of CD.kmmacros (2.9 KB)

Hmm. I don’t know what is the problem at your end, because i just tried it here (i made something similar here) and that works.

Does the Display Text get executed?

If the macro does nothing, try the Help ➤ Assistance window, and select Something expected is not happening which will check various things including whether the macro is active (for example, if the macro is in a Phile Audio group that is only active if Phile Audio is running/frontmost, then the macro will not be active and so will not detect the CD insertion).

Failing that, it’s possible the name of the disk is from. Click in the volume name text field and then insert the disk and Keyboard Maestro will fill in the field for you.

Thank you for all of the replies.

The Help -> Assistance helped me locate the problem. The problem was that I had put in the macro in a macro group for a palette triggered by a hotkey. So of course it would not work.

Moving out of that group, it works as it should.