Trigger from a tablet app via wifi

Is there a way to trigger from a tablet app via wifi?

If it’s an iOS device, try trigger:iPhone.

If not, you can use trigger:Public Web.

Thank you. Unfortunately it is android. Is there a safe way to do this with PublicWeb?

I have no idea. I know about the web triggers, and even tried one for fun, but I don’t really know anything else.

If the macro is safe to be run by anyone (eg “perform backup” is probably safe enough because what do you care if some hacker forces your backup to run an extra time), then you can use the Public Web trigger and trigger it from the Android web browser.

Otherwise, if it is not safe to run, then you can use the Android web browser and log in and trigger the macro that way.

Either way you configure the Keyboard Maestro web server in the Keyboard Maestro preferences, and optionally use a Public Web trigger on the macro.