Trigger Macro by Name issue

@peternlewis I would like to suggest that the Trigger Macro by Name does exactly that instead of showing all macros, regardless of their name.

For example here you can see that I typed "sys", but it shows macros that have no "sys" in the name. If the action is Trigger Macro by Name, shouldn't it filter out all macros that don't match what we type? Otherwise, the name of the action stops making sense and should just be Trigger Macro.


I'm aware that I can use n: in the beginning of the search field like this:


But 1) it defeats the whole purpose of what the name of the action is supposed to do by default and 2) we have to keep adding the n: for each search, which also defeats the purpose of a productivity tool that's supposed to reduce the amount of clicks and keystrokes.

If I type sys and it shows me macros that have the word sys in one or more of the actions inside the macros, then using Trigger Macro by Name loses all its strength and purpose.

It would nice to have the option within the action to restrict the search to name, but I'd hate to lose the flexibility of the current action.

Meantime, here's one way round the problem involving an extra macro and you adding a single action before your "Trigger Macro by Name" action. Demo:

Demo Trigger Macro by Name.kmmacros (1.9 KB)

...and the macro that actually does the work:

TMBN Mover.kmmacros (2.5 KB)

Just a quick note as I believe you're new here. @ mentioning peter directly here is kind of bad form. He does read the forum, so rest assured, your suggestion will get read.

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“By Name” means something in Keyboard Maestro, more than simply “based on the name”.

“By Name” in Keyboard Maestro means that it uses a spotlight-like style interface, as seen across Keyboard Maestro in a variety of places: Insert Action, Function, Token, etc; Paste By Name, Select Menu By Name, etc.

The Trigger Macro by Name action uses the same search as searches for macros in the editor.

Certainly it's possible there could be an option to limit the search to only the macro name, though as you note you can do that yourself easily enough with the n: field, and you can set that as your initial search if desired. There are no current plans to add this additional restriction to only search by name.

It's fine to @ me if it requires my specific attention, specially as I don't necessarily see everything on the forum. In this case, since it's a feature request, no one else can do it, so it is appropriate, although so would sending it to me directly unless the intention is to see if there is more widespread support for the additional restriction.

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My bad..

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