Trigger Macro by Name pane disappears after a second or two

I have a macro that contains nothing but the Trigger Macro by Name action. When I run the macro, the search bar appears for about 1 or 1.5 seconds, then disappears.

At first I assumed the action was timing out, but the action timeout is set to 3 minutes, and I’ve got it set to notify on timeout and no notification appears.

This happens regardless of whether I’m triggering the action with a hotkey or from the status menu.

Any ideas?

Update: It only happens when I have another macro running in the background. This second macro runs every five seconds and typically does the following:
– locks a semaphore
– checks to see if an application is running
– if not, cancels right away.

Why would this interfere with the Trigger Macro by Name pane in a different macro?

Any macro that runs will cancel any of the “once” palettes and the trigger by name actions.

Since the macro might do anything, including change the context underneath you, the palettes/trigger macro are assumed to be unsafe.

Thanks, that explains it and points the way to a solution.