Trigger Macro by Name position

Any way to adjust the position of the input window for Trigger Macro by Name. It pops up all the way at the top of my screen and I want that puppy front and center!

Hey Greg,

Yes, it can be done – but it's currently a bit of an esoteric process.

@peternlewis – that window can be dragged around – but it doesn't remember where the user put it.

Shouldn't it?


The windows are put front and center. I'm not going to change their behaviour at this point, but the next version does have a means of setting their position when the action runs.


Hey Greg,

Have a look at this:

Prompt for User Input Window Not Appearing Even Though It Is Triggered - #12 by ccstone

Holler at me if that's over your head.


Thanks for the info. My eyesight is rubbish, so my front-and-center isn't the same as everyone else's, but I'm happy to hear that the next version will allow for relocating the position of this, my most favorite KM discovery to date. And thanks @ccstone for helping a dabbler out!