Trigger Macro by Name w/ Smart Group

In the interest of limiting search results from my “Trigger Macro by Name” window, I’ve created a Smart Group with all the filters I need. Sadly, I’ve discovered I can only choose “normal” Macro Groups in the “Trigger Macro by Name” settings, and my “smart” Macro Groups are not available.

What’s the best way for dealing with this? Do I need to manage a separate Macro Group that contains all my desired macros (probably just simple ones executing other macros so I don’t duplicate myself)?


Smart Groups are more an editor feature than an engine feature, which is why they aren’t supported in the Trigger Macro by Name action. I will look at whether it is possible to support them or not.

What sort of filters are you using? You can include a variety of macro groups in the Trigger Macro by Name action.

I was filtering out macros by name (-name:[exclude]), and had added [exclude] to the name of macros I didn’t want to see in the list. I realize I can add this to Trigger Macro by Name’s initial search, but this felt less clean. Plus, the initial search text gets selected, making it easy to overtype by mistake.

I’ll give you the use case that brought me down this path:

I created a three macros (without any triggers) to move a window to left side of screen at 2/3 width, 1/2 width, and 1/3 width. I created an additional macro (with a hotkey trigger) to execute the 1/3 width macro, waits and if the key is still held down, it executes the 1/2 width macro, waits and if the key is still held down, it executes the 2/3 width macro. In other words, one hotkey moves a window to the left of the screen, to multiple widths, depending on how long I hold the key down. Works awesome.

However, this hotkey macro is useless in Trigger Macro by Name. It won’t support the multiple widths because no hotkey will ever be held down. And besides, I already have distinct 2/3, 1/2, 1/3 macros that can be executed directly by Trigger Macro by Name (which is great).

…which is why I started looking for ways to exclude this hotkey macro from ever showing in the list, since it will never be useful in that list.

Thank you very much for the response! :slight_smile:

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