Trigger Macro not working with 7.1

Triggered by any of the following (when macro group is active)
Trigger is not triggering at all when file is added to folder? Was working in last version of KM.

Best Regards,
William Mabey 

Removing the ^ Expression from the "if All Conditions Met" Matches from Screen Shot it works?? Why?

Best Regards,
William Mabey 

Hey Bill,

You did more than that – you changed the criteria to contains.

Please give an example of the actual file name that fails.


Strange both works “contains” and “matches” without “^”
%TriggerValue% Was “/Users/imac_willie/Pictures/xScope/Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 19.13.52 PM.png


In 7.1, the TriggerValue changed to the entire path, that is why your macro’s behaviour changed. You could use contains “/Screen Shot” to get pretty close to identical behaviour.

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Thank you @peternlewis, I have a few macros to fix. I also understand the reason for the new change. Good fix… :slight_smile: