Trigger Menu App from Keyboard Maestro

I have a rather lengthy shut down sequence that I've created with Keyboard Maestro that sets up my computer for instant work the next time I boot it up. I would like to trigger a function to delete the history in a toolbar app called Clipy (I know I can build such an app with Keyboard Maestro, but I really do prefer Clipy). The app is not apple scriptable. There IS a hot key, but I can't seem to just type them. I can't select it from the menu because it's it's own program that only appears in the toolbar. Any ideas how I might add this feature to my shut down sequence?

If I understand you correctly, you are looking for a UI script to retrieve actions from the menu bar?
I do this with the App Yoink like in this video here:

Yeah, that looks like what I need. Stuck with apple script I guess. And chance you could post that example? I'm more of an apple script 'modifier' than 'scripter.' LOL

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Here is the UI Script @Scooter :wink:

Menubar Item Action.kmmacros (1,9 KB)

Important note:
Since the apps in the Menubar can be addressed differently, you must either

tell menu bar 1
tell menu bar 2

for the UI Script try out

In my example Yoink is entered as Application. Please change this to your Program/App
The thanks go to @tom :+1: who had made a post for it, which I unfortunately can't find on the fast one.

Tip for once @Scooter...
If you don't use Bartender yet, it would be worth a thought. I work a lot with the UI scripts and it looks a little more elegant when the Menubar Items are hidden :wink: