Trigger on certain dates

I work from home on thursdays, so on these days, I'd like to trigger my "work setup" on wake.
On other days, I use the wifi trigger - launching the "work setup" when I connect to my office router.
But on thursday, the need is "On wake" & "It's a thursday" -> launch work setup, even though my wifi is home.

There is a discussion on the forum with a suggestion to set up a trigger ("on wake" in my case) and then an "IF THEN ELSE" clause.
This would work fine, except I can't find a IF (today = Thursday) type of condition.
(There's also a discussion on the nature of triggers. Technically the date is not a trigger, it's a condition which qualifies the "on wake" trigger)

So my question: short of using a script to test the date, is there another solution to my problem?


Easy enough with a calculation condition that uses the day of the week function.


If DOW() = 5 returns true, that means it's Thursday, and the macro can proceed accordingly.

Perfect. I had no idea these functions existed.

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There's a list of all of them accessible from the menu: Edit > Insert Function > All

For documentation pertaining to each function, check out:
Keyboard Maestro Wiki - Functions