Trigger single macro from menu bar

I'm running KM 10.2. I'm trying to add an icon to the menubar that when clicked launches a macro.
I created a macro group and enabled the menu bar and added a single macro to it. That shows up in the menubar as a menu with that macro in it. However, that means I have to click twice to trigger that menu bar icon.
Is there a way to change it so that it doesn't act like a menu and just triggers that macro from the menu bar icon?

You can configure the macro group’s contained macros with Group Status Menu triggers to run automatically when the menu is opened.

That does the trick. Even though it’s an odd UI to click on a menu icon that opens a menu that then launches a macro.

Thank you…

Would a launcher like Alfred or Better Touch Tool serve instead?

That would work too, but it’s not worth adding yet another app when I already have KM ;-).

That's reasonable. Though I invite you to consider that either of those tools would bring you far more value than this single use case.