Trigger: "System Clipboard Changes" is too sensitive

The macro is running when I just highlight texts (before the actual clipboard changes).

Seems a conflict with Popclip (no problem if Popclip is quited)

But, KM also seems to have issues because the trigger fires without any change in the clipboard (check by looking at the Clipboard History Switcher)

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As I understand it, Popclip copies the clipboard every time you make a selection, which counts as a clipboard change.

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Is due to Popclip, Popclip is conflict with lots of clipboard management software,

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I suspect that as well.
But, my question is: if Popclip makes an actual copy, how comes the Clipboard History Switcher doesn't reflect it?

Beats me, I don't know what it is doing. Maybe it makes a copy, and then immediately replaces it with the previous clipboard. I have no idea how it works.