Trigger to change multiple key


I want to ask if it is possible to change or remap all key function with a button

For Example :

I have A B C D E , but if I press X button then it will change A–>F B–>G C–>H D–>I E–>J , so now I will have F G H I J . And if I press the X button again it will be back to normal A B C D E again.

is it possible?

Something like this? (I limited them to the program "Preview" just so I didn't mess up anything on my system)

Macro Group "Map Keys" (available only when Preview is activated):

Repeat as needed...

In another macro group (i.e. "Map Keys Toggle"):

I'm sure there's other ways also, but this is the first thing to come to mind.

Hey Rizki,

Dan has shown you one way.

Another possibility is creating your own custom keyboard layout.

See the Ukelele utility.


Thank you so much Dan , I thought it won’t possible in mac os ( I use AHK on Windows )
ofcourse I think it’s the simplest way that I can understand

thank you for your suggestion, but I only have 10.7.5 meanwhile ukelele need 10.8

I totally get that. I’m actually a Windows developer (but of course I prefer the Mac in real life), and I’m regularly wondering if something’s even possible that I know can be done in Windows (and it usually is). And I’m pleasantly surprised at the things OS/X provides out of the box, that Windows doesn’t - makes it hard to know what questions to ask sometimes.

It's my first week to use mac os :smile: because I just bought an old macbook for my music creation and I think it's easier to use Keyboard Maestro than AHK for my purpose. And ofcourse I prefer to use os x than windows now hahaha

BTW I got a simpler way and another problem

This is my setting to switch the macro on/off

Now I need to display text ON or OFF and I try your suggestion but stuck in this option

I don't know where is the macro condition option, can you help me?

Can’t you just put that after the code that toggles the macro group?

Like this ? not working :frowning:

maybe it's because I use an old version of keyboard maestro and I can't use the new one because my os version, I hope there is a toggle script to solve my problem

Don’t know. Hopefully someone else will. @peternlewis?

Yes, the Macro/Macro Group condition was added after your version of Keyboard Maestro.

You could instead keep track of the state with a variable, something like:

still can't do that :frowning:

You have omitted the Enable/Disable Macro Group actions.